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EZ FX Inc. – Cine/Video Production Tools

Camera Crane – Camera Jib – Slider Dolly

EZ FX Inc is home to the EZ Jib Arm, EZ Slider Dolly and the EZ Crane.   We are dedicated to providing quality products and innovative solutions at affordable prices.

Our products are all designed with the end user in mind.   Tools that keep you competitive in the modern film and video production industry.  These are cost effective, user friendly and versatile tools with the specific purpose of increasing production value, attracting new business and growing with your needs.

The EZ Crane is our 24 foot Camera Crane. Its ideal for event and multi camera style productions. Easy to set up and usable at 5 different sizes it is ideal for small, medium and large venues.

The EZ Jib is a portable production jib arm that can work on a standard video tripod.  Its very user friendly and versatile with a  modular design that can grow with your needs.    We offer an array of accessories for the EZ Jib such as an Extension Kit, which transforms it into a longer event style jib or camera crane.

The EZ Slider Dolly is a robust yet compact and portable camera dolly system that can support video and film cameras of all sizes. It is a track dolly but unique in the fact that is works with or without tracks. It can also be a motorized camera dolly or it can be pushed manually. It has a tilting camera platform for shooting incline dolly shots.

An optional “do it yourself” Track Kit lets you build your own custom length track from a variety of materials. Novel accessories such as the Pulley Cam Cable Kit let you create incline video dolly shots easily, either manually or motorized. Our products are always designed with the end user in mind for today’s competitive film and video production industry.

In addition to the base products we  offer manual as well as motorized pan and tilt controls, zoom and focus lens controls.     Monitor brackets and portability options are also available as well various supports, wheels and adapters.

At EZ FX, we pride ourselves in our customer service before and after the sale. We back our products with a satisfaction guarantee. Please review our product line and learn how our camera jib, camera crane or slider dolly can increase your production value, attract new business.

Our Camera Jib, Camera Crane and Camera Slider Dolly and track kits are for sale direct to the end user in both the USA and some places worldwide. We have international resellers in some countries around the world. See the international retailers link. Our satisfied customers range from broadcasters to churches; from motion picture companies to schools and governments; and from individuals to corporations. We feel our product is a great value and we would love the opportunity to prove it to you. Please contact us if we can provide anything that will help you now or in the future. THANK YOU for your interest.

EZ FX is a proud member of the National Association of Broadcasters.

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