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Do it yourself Camera Crane Jib arm

DIY Camera CraneWe love to see these examples of innovative ways to move the camera.   Where there is a will, there is a way and these gentlemen have found a way….

For safety reasons alone, we wouldn’t recommend this particular technique but we are impressed with their passion.

If you are looking for an easier way, we offer a line on Camera Jib arms and Camera Cranes that make life a lot easier and safer.  We also have a slider dolly for a different type of camera movement.  Please check them out….

Thanks to Russ J. for sending us this one.  Please keep them coming and  Happy Shooting…..

Top Gun for the EZ Jib arm – Camera Crane

EZ Jix w Extension - Jet Fighter  16x9  950 (Custom)Thanks Chris for this nice picture of the EZ Jib with the Extension Kit add on accessory.  He is setting up for what looks to be a cool shot.    The EZ Jib arm is light weight and portable yet robust enough to work with a nice payload including a Red Epic camera, a 2060 O’Connor fluid head with the Mitchell Mount high hat.    With the Extension Kit the EZ Jib extends into a small camera crane.   If you want to go even longer, our new EZ Crane is a 24 foot camera crane that can be used at 5 lengths.  Its pretty cool…    Oh yeah that F18 Hornet fighter jet is pretty darn cool too….

A camera crane or jib arm would’ve come in handy here…

Camera Crane jib arm

We love to see what production people go through to get the shots they need.   This one is pretty amazing and daring and a camera crane  or jib arm would have come in handy in this situation.    It would have been a much safer option also.   Remember safety first is a good rule.

Camera Crane on Construction Crane…. Yikes…


936049_804484996258388_6658975440597208181_nWOW…  This massive rig is an impressive example of the logistics and planning.  Its amazing what movie makers go through to get the shot.  This is not for the faint of heart and requires engineers and safety planning.  One mistake and this could spell disaster.  It looks like a telescoping Techno Crane up at the top of that construction crane.  The budget for this shot must have been massive too.    Thanks to Brian for submitting this.  Not sure what movie set the production is from but we love collecting and admiring pictures of Camera cranes, Camera Jibs and Jib arms.   Keep them coming….

Camera Cranes – Ready to Go Now

A new batch of EZ Cranes are assembled and in stock. The response has been tremendous and we are excited about this new Camera Crane product in our line up. Every thing has come together nicely from the design to the packaging.  Every bit of it  is made in the USA.  Check out the new webpage which includes a video demo that we collected at NAB.  Click here…   EZ Camera Crane

Crane First Batch 1

Crane First Batch 2EZ Camera Crane First Batch 3

Dedicated Cameraman

This one is awesome.  With a piece of rope and a friend to lend a helping hand, this cameraman is determined to  to get a spectacular shot.  What creativity… I hope it was worth the effort.

Thanks to Jerry (one of our Camera Crane customers) for this one.   Although we specialize in Jib Arms and Camera cranes and slider dolly, we love the determination of the production world.     Keep em coming…




Old school Camera Crane Jib Arm

Old school Camera Crane Jib Arm

Old School Camera Crane Jib arm

Yet another example of the determination, risk and effort that the production crew will undertake when the director or DP wants a certain shot.  Wow,  2 men and a Panavision Camera set on 2 levels of scaffolding, rigged to the end of a camera crane and balanced with counter weight.   From the sign we’ve determined this is from the 1969 movie “Paint Your Wagon” with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood.      Look for the old school camera crane jib arm shot if you ever see that movie…    Thanks Edward for this one…  Keep em coming…..

EZ Slider Dolly w Large Format Camera and Head

EZ Slider Dolly Arri Alexa MitchellThe EZ Slider is capable of working with all camera formats from small to large.   Show here with the Arri Alex on an O’Connor Mitchell mount head.   Our Camera Cranes and Camera Jibs are equally versatile.    Thanks to Larry for this picture.   Keep em coming….

EZ FX leads the NAB Registration list

For the second year in a row, EZ FX registered the most attendees for a mid sized booth with 741 registrations.    We are so grateful to have made so many friends and built so many professional relationships over our 17 years of exhibiting at the NAB Show.    It means a lot for so many of you to continue to stop by and say hello and take advantage of the FREE registration using our complementary VIP code.   This year we made a big splash with our new EZ Crane, 24ft camera crane and the up coming Skinny Jib arm.


NAB Prize 2015

New camera crane coming soon….

Available later this spring following its official release at NAB 2015, the EZ Crane is the newest item in the EZ FX product line.   Its a portable event style camera crane with a 24′ reach from the fulcrum point at the Pedestal to the camera.    Its very portable and easy to set up and can be used at 5 different lengths for extreme versatility.  The goose neck camera platform allows for maximum height with the camera in the under slung position.  More details and pricing coming soon but please send us a contact form if you want to be updated on its availability, pricing and details.

New EZ Camera Crane

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