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Camera Crane at Woodstock…

Camera Crane woodstockHere is a pic of an Old school camera crane at Woodstock.   It looks like it was used simply as a stationary shot.   Too crowded to get very much movement.    The camera man looks like hes cool with that as he enjoys a good view of the band.  We wonder if it was Hendrix.  We love the sun visor on the camera too.   How times have changed.     Thanks to Stewart for sending us this one.

Student Demo: Jib – Cranes – Slider


Today, we had a good time giving an equipment demonstration of our Camera Crane, Jib arm and Slider Dolly to some of the students at the Mid Florida Technical College.   We know the future of media production is in the education of today’s students and these guys sure have a wonderful array of tools to learn with.   What an impressive facility from top to bottom.   It is unbelievable how this industry has evolved over the last 30 years.   It seems like yesterday when S-VHS was the best quality anyone could afford without breaking the bank.   Now our cellphones can shoot in 4K.   The tools I saw today for creating virtual worlds, gaming and simulation just blew my mind.   Thanks Alan for the invite.



Water Sports Camera Crane and Jib arm

Surf expo day 1 (Custom)

Thank you JT for this pic of the EZ Jib, Extension Kit and RPT 25 remote head being used as an event style camera crane.  Our new EZ Crane is also a good camera crane for water sports which are now very popular.   On this video production our camera jib is working double duty with 2 video cameras. Notice the GoPro attached on the end. Good Stuff JT . Thanks…

A new batch of Camera Cranes and Jib Arms

Production is flowing smoothly at EZ FX.  Our new EZ Crane camera crane is well on its way and getting a lot of positive responses and reviews.     A new batch is currently in production and should be ready soon.   We strive to keep all products in stock and available for quick delivery.  That’s our goal for not just our camera crane but our Jib arm and Slider Dolly too.

A new batch

Riding a Camera Crane

Strattle camera  CraneThis camera crane  technique is yet another that falls into the “not advised” category.   No reference to a production but it is yet another example of a filmmakers determination to get the shot.    Camera cranes and jib arms have been around since the early days of film production and many were designed to ride upon.  This one seems like the grip department had to do some improvising to make it functional.

Camera Cranes, Jib Arms and Sliders create production value

Camera Crane Jib armThe video production industry is growing rapidly and everyone who shoots video is looking for the best advantage to attract new business.   Using Camera Cranes, Slider Dollies and Jib Arms to create camera movement is a great way to enhance production value and stand out from your competition.  All of our products create camera movement and thus improve your production value.   Camera Cranes, Camera Jibs and Slider Dollies

Do it yourself Camera Crane Jib arm

DIY Camera CraneWe love to see these examples of innovative ways to move the camera.   Where there is a will, there is a way and these gentlemen have found a way….

For safety reasons alone, we wouldn’t recommend this particular technique but we are impressed with their passion.

If you are looking for an easier way, we offer a line on Camera Jib arms and Camera Cranes that make life a lot easier and safer.  We also have a slider dolly for a different type of camera movement.  Please check them out….

Thanks to Russ J. for sending us this one.  Please keep them coming and  Happy Shooting…..

Top Gun for the EZ Jib arm – Camera Crane

EZ Jix w Extension - Jet Fighter  16x9  950 (Custom)Thanks Chris for this nice picture of the EZ Jib with the Extension Kit add on accessory.  He is setting up for what looks to be a cool shot.    The EZ Jib arm is light weight and portable yet robust enough to work with a nice payload including a Red Epic camera, a 2060 O’Connor fluid head with the Mitchell Mount high hat.    With the Extension Kit the EZ Jib extends into a small camera crane.   If you want to go even longer, our new EZ Crane is a 24 foot camera crane that can be used at 5 lengths.  Its pretty cool…    Oh yeah that F18 Hornet fighter jet is pretty darn cool too….

A camera crane or jib arm would’ve come in handy here…

Camera Crane jib arm

We love to see what production people go through to get the shots they need.   This one is pretty amazing and daring and a camera crane  or jib arm would have come in handy in this situation.    It would have been a much safer option also.   Remember safety first is a good rule.

Camera Crane on Construction Crane…. Yikes…


936049_804484996258388_6658975440597208181_nWOW…  This massive rig is an impressive example of the logistics and planning.  Its amazing what movie makers go through to get the shot.  This is not for the faint of heart and requires engineers and safety planning.  One mistake and this could spell disaster.  It looks like a telescoping Techno Crane up at the top of that construction crane.  The budget for this shot must have been massive too.    Thanks to Brian for submitting this.  Not sure what movie set the production is from but we love collecting and admiring pictures of Camera cranes, Camera Jibs and Jib arms.   Keep them coming….

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