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EZ Slider draws a crowd at NAB

imageWe are getting a lot of positive feedback and interest from the NAB audience.    The picture from Day 2 showing demo of EZ-Slider.   As you can see it draws a crowd.   Many attendees shopping for sliders are impressed with the EZ Slider versatility and options.  We’ve made it on to several wish lists.  2 days remain but we are excited with the first 2 days.   More tomorrow :-)

EZ FX Wins NAB Registration List

NAB (Custom)

EZ FX has just been notified that 553 attendees have used our VIP Code LV9929 to get FREE Passes to the NAB Show.  That is the most amount of registrations in the medium booth size category.   Woo Hoo..    Thanks…  No matter if you used our code or not, we hope to see you there.   We are excited to show some new things this year.   Come by booth C3744.

Pedestals in Production

Weld, grind, thread and now a final inspection before applying the powder coated finish to a new batch of EZ FX Pedestals.   Does one of these have your name on it? image

Before Go Pro there was duct tape…

Check out this pic of Steve McQueen’s POV action cam shot.   Now that is using your head…Before there was Go Pro

ARRI Alexa rides on EZ-Slider

The ARRI Alexa is one of the hottest cameras around.    Nice day for a ride on down the tracks on the EZ-Slider….   More customer pics in our Photo Gallery.

Alexa EZ SLlider (Custom)

From FB Friends: Creativity and Ingenuity…

From FB Friends: Creativity and Ingenuity...

The EZ Jib with Extension Kit looks like the perfect tool for this production from our friends at MoveCam Panama. THANKS GUYS   :-)

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LOL: Earth Mover Camera Mount

Maybe an EZ Jib could’ve helped this guy get the shot and provided some dramatic movement too…

Earth Mover Cam (Custom)

EZ Jib on KOLA dolly and Track

  The EZ Jib on location prepared for a pretty elaborate shot looks like.  I like the vintage cars in the BG too…  Thanks to Shane M  Smith  for submitting this one.

IMG_3339 (Custom)

Old School Bungee Cam

Check out this one from back in the day.   What ever it takes to get the shot…..Bungee Cam Old School

From FB Friends: EZ Slider gets some props

From FB Friends:  EZ Slider gets some props
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