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From FB Friends: Creativity and Ingenuity…

From FB Friends: Creativity and Ingenuity...

The EZ Jib with Extension Kit looks like the perfect tool for this production from our friends at MoveCam Panama. THANKS GUYS   :-)

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LOL: Earth Mover Camera Mount

Maybe an EZ Jib could’ve helped this guy get the shot and provided some dramatic movement too…

Earth Mover Cam (Custom)

EZ Jib on KOLA dolly and Track

  The EZ Jib on location prepared for a pretty elaborate shot looks like.  I like the vintage cars in the BG too…  Thanks to Shane M  Smith  for submitting this one.

IMG_3339 (Custom)

Old School Bungee Cam

Check out this one from back in the day.   What ever it takes to get the shot…..Bungee Cam Old School

From FB Friends: EZ Slider gets some props

From FB Friends:  EZ Slider gets some props
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Michell mount test for EZ Slider Dolly


We’ve had a lot of inquiries about Mitchell mount heads and yes the EZ Slider can accept them.   Check it out….



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