Expand Multi Camera Coverage Without Buying More Cameras

Whether its for live broadcast, live recording, or image magnification, the quality and affordability of switchers, cameras and streaming devices has made multi camera production attainable to a wide range of content creators.    Concert venues, conventions, seminars and worship facilities are just some of the many productions that are benefiting from the innovations.    Many producers use Jibs and Camera Cranes as way to add camera movement to enhance production value but expanded camera coverage is  another benefit that these tools bring to the production.     Using the Jib or Crane to position the camera in multiple positions for stationary camera angles can make a 2 or 3 camera production look like a 5 or 6 camera production.   High or low, left or right, the camera can change positions quickly and expand coverage while still providing the classic camera movement that Jibs and Cranes are known for.

IMG_9643 (Custom)