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Seasons Greetings from EZ FX Inc.

EZ FX is here for you.  Our camera crane, jib arm and slider dolly are only a part of our services.   Camera supports, lens controls and custom projects are also things that we provide to productions of all types.  TV stations, Churches, Schools, Film Companies, Independent Video Production, Wedding Video productions are all the clients we serve.    We wish you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.


Seasons Greeting 2018 (Custom)

Cost Effective, User Friendly and Versatile

From the beginning we have been driven to provide high quality products at affordable prices.   We have designed products with the end user in mind.  We design them to be modular and have multiple uses.  Our motto continues to be “Cost Effective, User Friendly and Versatile”.

2017 1st Slide refresh 914x375 (Custom)

Point of View

IMG_9508 (Custom)Camera cranes and Jib arms give a new meaning to the term “Point of View”.    Note the image shows two different perspectives of the same facility.  One is a ground view of the seating, but look in the monitor and see how the point of view is changed by the camera on the end of our EZ Crane.  A change in perspective can enhance production value and also change the image the viewer creates in their mind about the facility and the organization using the facility.   The psychology of  the public’s point of view of your organization can be positively influenced by the perspectives offered during a broadcast.

Expand Multi Camera Coverage Without Buying More Cameras

Whether its for live broadcast, live recording, or image magnification, the quality and affordability of switchers, cameras and streaming devices has made multi camera production attainable to a wide range of content creators.    Concert venues, conventions, seminars and worship facilities are just some of the many productions that are benefiting from the innovations.    Many producers use Jibs and Camera Cranes as way to add camera movement to enhance production value but expanded camera coverage is  another benefit that these tools bring to the production.     Using the Jib or Crane to position the camera in multiple positions for stationary camera angles can make a 2 or 3 camera production look like a 5 or 6 camera production.   High or low, left or right, the camera can change positions quickly and expand coverage while still providing the classic camera movement that Jibs and Cranes are known for.

IMG_9643 (Custom)

Change Perspective and Stand Out

Sometimes changing the camera perspective is the best way to tell the story effectively.    Traditional eye level tripod shots may dominate the shot list but looking at things from a different angle will set you apart from the rest.   Our High Hat Riser can be mounted in various odd spots and still give you full use of the fluid head from your tripod for nice panning and tilting.   A great tool to have in your production kit.   

Hi HAT Display 2017



Lens Controls for Camera Cranes and Jibs

IMG_9625 (Custom)We offer solutions for remotely controlling zoom and/or focus for DSLR Cameras or cameras that work with cinema lenses.   This allows you to mount these types of cameras on  to a Jib arm or camera crane and manipulate the lenses from the base of operation.    Check out our options here.


We could’ve used a Camera Crane here….

0002 (Custom)Jibs and camera cranes are commonly associated with moving the camera from point A to point B and creating a dramatic aerial shot that makes the camera seem that it is floating in space.       Although that is the most widely scenario,  Jibs and Cranes are great tools for stationary shots from positions and angles that are not easy to get to as shown in the photo above.   Be safe out there.

The History of Camera Movement

733794_555654207808136_2117564252_nFrom the early days of film making, producers realized that moving the camera was a way of adding production value to a film and ever since, cinematographers have been tried to be more and more creative in their shot composition.   At times, they may have come up with some un conventional techniques as shown in the photo.   At EZ FX,  our Jib arms, camera cranes and slider dollies are great camera movement tools that help you get high production value.   Check them out here.


Wall mounts for maximum coverage

Multi camera production is a popular technique for  covering live events.  Whether its for broadcasting, streaming or recording, having your cameras in the right position is crucial to creating a good production.     Sometimes the ideal spot for a camera might not be conducive to the seating or design of the facility hosting the event.   We offer solutions, such as wall mounts and remote pan/tilt heads that can provide the best of both worlds.   We also offer solutions for custom projects as well.  Please contact us if we can help you find solutions to your special needs.  


Wall Mount (Custom)

EZ FX – Top Gun Jib Arm with Extension kit

EZ Jix w Extension - Jet Fighter  16x9  950 (Custom)Lateley, our EZ camera crane has been getting a lot of buzz but our original EZ Jib and Extension Kit are still a very handy package for video and filmmakers.    This shot was taken of our product supporting a large camera format and Mitchell base fluid head.    It can cover all the bases.    

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