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Worlds Largest Video Equipment Trade Show

NAB Facebook 2017 (Custom)

We have FREE VIP Passes to the NAB Show 2017 ($185 value)   This is  the worlds largest video equipment trade show.   See all the cameras, all the editing systems, all the tripods, all the microphones, all the drones, all the camera cranes and jibs in one place so you can compare and consult before you buy.  There is on obligation or limits so register your friends and colleagues and share the VIP Code.

The event is April 24 -27 in Las Vegas, LVCC.  Visit our NAB Invite page for the registration link.   EZ FX will have our EZ Camera Crane, EZ Jib Arm and EZ Slider Dolly on display in Booth# C9248 in the central hall.   We hope to see you there…

More Cranes on the way….

Ready for 2017, we are now in production on a new batch of EZ Cranes.   Camera cranes are great tools that can enhance the production value and increase camera coverage.     Its not only a tool for moving the camera but also a tool for positioning the camera.    It can make a 2 or 3 camera shoot look like a 5 or 6 camera shoot.   Call for a consultation.   Happy new year…..

Crane First Batch 1 (Custom)

Custom Work for the Film and Video Production Industry

img_0545-customimg_0554-customBesides our Camera Cranes, Jib arms and Slider dolllies, we also do custom fabrication for the film and TV industries.     Check out a new Jib and Mitchell Hi Hat mount that we put together for A Production House’s electric camera car.   A silent camera car for mounting stabilizing gimbals, fluid heads, jibs, and Steadi cams.      Thanks to Mike for bringing in the idea.  This electric camera car is amazing. Check it out


Trolly Dolly in production

trolly-production-customThe new TROLLY DOLLY  is in production and now available from EZFX .   A heavy duty tripod dolly, it supports both rubber foot and spiked foot tripods.   It can be used indoors, outdoors and on tracks.   See more details at the product page.


EZ Crane Enhances High School Sports


It seems that our friends at Cleveland High School in TN are enjoying their new EZ Crane right out of the box. The EZ Crane shots really enhance the multi camera production value and coverage. Received, assembled and mastered in a short time, they were ready for Friday nights game. Its great to see students learning and looking like professionals so quickly. Great job CHSLive Digital Media students and your instructor. Oh yeah, your fans, cheer leaders, marching band and football team look pretty good too… Thanks for the video



DSLR & Cinema Lens Zoom and Focus Control for Jib

DSLR On Location Jpeg 950 (Custom)Over the last several years, the traditional video camera has had a lot of competition from the DSLR and Cinema Cameras.   The interchangeable lenses and large image sensors are what make these cameras so attractive to users however the cinema style lenses require a different type of remote control for zoom and focus on the end of a camera crane or jib arm.   This image shows how our DSLR and Cinema Lens contoller can attatch to rail mounts and control the lens via  servo motors and our RLC Driver.   The Driver has the ability to set and reset the motor to accomodate the different travel ranges of various lenses.



Camera crane for Worship Facility and Church Jib Market

camera crane for worship facilityThe worship facility and church market has become very high tech over the last several years.    Many of them broadcast their services or stream online using multiple cameras in the production.   EZ FX provides a variety of camera crane and jib arm options for small, medium or large facilities.       Not only do these tools provide camera movement  but they can place the camera in many stationary positions quickly.    This versatility can make a 2 or 3 camera production seem like a 5 or 6 camera production.

Slider Dolly in production

EZ Slider Dolly Assembly

Made in the USA, our EZ Slider is currently in stock after a summer rally.  The photo shows our assembly process.   If you are a golf fan, look for the EZ Slider in the background at the British Open this coming weekend.   We had a contract for a large number of them to be used in the tournaments broadcast coverage.   Maybe you will see our camera crane the EZ Crane and our jib arm the EZ Jib too.   All of our products can be used to enhance any type of single camera or multi camera production.

Fresh Batch of Camera Cranes

We are back from another successful NAB Show and working hard to keep our inventory available.   We are excited to have a new batch of EZ Cranes in the assembly line.     We are waiting on some components to get these finished on the shelves.   We strive to have products available for shipping as they are orders.   Following NAB is always the most challenging time to meet this goal.

Crane First Batch 1 (Custom)

Monitoring for your Camera Crane

Every Jib or Camera Crane operator needs to see the camera image for reference.    Production monitors are always a good solution however they can be expensive.   We have devised a novel monitor bracket that utilized the standard VESA mount pattern (both 75 and 100mm) found on the back of all monitors and consumer TVs.   Since most HD consumer TVs now come standard with HDMI or RGB Component inputs its easy to use an inexpensive consumer TV (up to 19″)  as your Camera Crane monitor.   Just use our flat screen monitor bracket and it can mount the center post of the crane.   FYI: The 5/8′ female spigot on our monitor bracket  allow you to also set your monitor on to a C stand or Light stand too.

IMG_9511 (Custom)IMG_9510 (Custom)

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