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New EZ Crane Video and Photo Gallery

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This week we uploaded a new video over-viewing all of the features and options of the EZ Crane.  The video and photo gallery also show customers working with the product on location.     Music venues, sporting events, TV Studios, worship facilities or any other type of multi camera production can all  benefit from the dynamic moving shots as well as the wide range coverage created from the infinite angles of stationary shots.

A Camera Crane for your facility

Worship facilities, concerts, television studios,  sport arenas are all situations where a camera crane is a great tool as part of a permanent installation to the multi camera environment.   Not only a tool for moving the camera, the camera crane can position the camera into a wide range of options for the director to choose from.  This can make a 2 or 3 camera facility look like there are 5 or 6 cameras in the  production.   Recognize too that this saves on camera purchases and operators to run those extra cameras.  Shown below is the EZ Crane from EZ FX.    A perfect low cost alternative to the massive camera crane for worship facility

One Stop shop for Video Gear

NAB is a one stop shop for all video and film gear.  It is the worlds largest video and film gear expo and we have FREE guest passes to the expo floor.  There are no limits or obligations so share our VIP code with your friends and colleagues compliments of EZ FX.    Visit our NAB Invite page for details and instructions.  This is a great opportunity to compare all the products you have an interest in including Camera cranes, jib arms and slider dollies


Before Go Pro cameras there was duct tape

Before there was Go ProBefore there were Go Pro cameras filmmakers just duct taped the camera to the actors head for a POV shot.  In this case, the actor Steve McQueen.   The evolution of production has been amazing since this photo was taken.  Today drones, camera cranes, slider dollies, 3 axis gimbals and other tools of the trade are all available to a small individuals and small productions.   Back in the day even major motion picture  productions resorted to innovations like this one shown in the photo.

Camera Cranes on the assembly line

Crane First Batch 1 (Custom)Manufacturing processes are moving well in 2016 and a new batch of camera cranes are being packaged for delivery.    We strive to keep products on the shelf ready for delivery.    We don’t encourage expedited orders but they are the nature of the business sometimes.    Let us know how we can help you. We will be ready…

A camera crane may have come in handy here

0002 (Custom)This is a situation where a camera crane or jib arm might have come in handy.   Even without the camera crane, a safer plan might have been to put a remote pan/tilt head like our RPT 25 along with a remote lens controller for focus.  Note in the photo how the focus puller is strapped to the seat atop the pole.  Yikes…  That could have been ugly if he needed to eject.  Check our our remote controls product category section to see our remote pan/tilt heads and focus controls.   We often sell these products as stand alone products.  They can be mounted on to stands or wall mounts for cameras to be operated remotely.  There are many applications for this configuration.

Homemade Camera Crane

547627_561837733856450_675435439_n (Custom)Sometimes you just do what you gotta do…   We love the passion that went into this home made camera crane.   Not a very wide footprint on the pedestal but otherwise fully functional.    Looks like the half full water bottle was just enough weight for perfect balance.    Thanks to Eddie for this one.  Keep them coming.

Slider dolly, Track Kit and Combo Stands

Shane Horse DollyThe EZ Slider track kit is quick and easy to set up.  Designed to sit on the floor, C Stands, Light stands or Combo Stands (shown here) the track kit works with commonly found rails, tubing, pipes or rods of various diameter.    Convenient for travelers, the Slider and Track brackets fit into a small portable case for flight and the rails can be purchased at your destination.  If you preferred, we have cut to length tracks (speed rail) for sale by the foot.   Thanks Shane for horsing around and sending this pic…

Seasons Greetings from EZ FX – Jibs – Cranes – Sliders

seasons greetings 2015Another year is almost gone.     We hope that the season is a good one for you and wish you all the best in your ventures in 2016.    We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and we appreciate your interest.   Contact us if we can help in any way.   Be safe and be wise.   Happy Holidays from EZ FX – Jibs – Cranes –  Sliders

Camera Cranes, Jib arms and Dollies are not just for cameras.

We all know camera cranes and jib arms and dollies are tools for moving the camera however that is not the only way to use them creatively.    Checkout this big 5K lamp on the end of a camera crane.    This is a large light and crane and quite an extreme example but this could apply to a small LED light on a small jib arm as well.  There is no reason it couldn’t apply to a slider dolly also.     Imagine your camera being stationary on a subject while the light source moves to create moving shadows in the scene.   It might be cool look on a product shot or music video.

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