EZ Crane NAB Show Special

EZ Crane NAB17 Includes (Custom)EZ Crane Package

Made in the USA, the EZ Crane is a portable event style camera crane that can be used at 5 different sizes.    Bundled with the RPT 25 Pan/Tilt head and the EZ FX Pedestal, the NAB 2017 Show Special price of $6999 can bring a quick return on your investment.   Increase production value with camera movement and broaden the camera coverage of a multi camera event making a 3 or 4 camera shoot seem like a 5 or 6 camera shoot.   Get the “drone look” in places where a drone can’t go and with cameras a drone can’t lift.  

With a camera capacity of 25 pounds, the EZ Crane is ideal for almost every format in the modern day production world.   It can be used at 5 different lengths.   The connection joints make it east to set up and change the usable length of the crane.   The goose neck camera platform allows for maximum height with the camera in the under slung position.  An adjustable and  rigid parallel beam is  used instead of cables for self leveling the camera platform.   Suspension cables are adjustable for alignment and strength the EZ Crane.  It includes multiple ports for mounting 1 or 2 monitoring devices.    It packs into 3 padded carry cases and is very portable.   

Please notice the overview videos and customer photo gallery below. Feel welcomed to  contact us if you have any questions.

EZ Crane Overview Video

On Location POV Video
RPT 25 Head Overview Video

Trade Show Video

EZ Crane Photo Gallery

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EZ Crane: Features and Options

  • 24 ft or 7.3 meter reach
  • Usable at 5 different lengths
  • 25lb (12 kilo) camera capacity
  • Easy connections for quick setup
  • Goose neck camera platform
  • Rigid self leveling parallel beam
  • Lift and rotation drag
  • Suspension cables for alignment
  • Fits in 3 carry cases (included)
  • Made in the USA