Deluxe Track Kit


100 mm Half Ball for adapting flat base heads.

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The Deluxe Track Kit is our most robust and versatile Track Kit.   The bracket employs a heavy duty track clamping bracket. The V shape accommodates multiple sizes of track between 1 and 2 inches OD. The bracket track mounts equidistant apart to hold the tracks at a perfect center wheel alignment with the EZ Slider. The bracket can be mounted to a C Stand with the C Stand adapter or to a combo stand with our Junior Pin Adapters. A knob, shaft and washer allow you to mount to standard tripod legs. The four leveling legs have a soft grip rubber ball feet for a secure grip and simple height adjustment and leveling. Bungee bumpers are provided for shot bracketing and stopping. The torpedo level lets you adjust the track to level.

-Track Brackets
-C Stand Adapters
-Junior Pin adapters
-Tripod Mount
-Leveling Legs (4)
-Bungee Bumpers
-Torpedo Level


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