EZ FX Handle (Single Mount)


The EZ FX Handle is a manual pan/tilt controller.  The DUAL Mount works either both Broadcast or Mini Style cameras.

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The EZ FX Handle is a low cost alternative to motorized joystick controlled pan/tilt systems.  The Single Mount works with either a Broadcast or Mini Style cameras.

It allows you to pan and tilt the camera in addition to the lift and rotation movement of the EZ Jib.  This gives your more movement, flexibility and creativity when designing your shots.

Utilizing your everyday fluid head from your tripod (Vinten, Sachtler, Miller, Cartoni, Manfrotto etc…)  you can acheive 300 degrees of pan and 125 degrees of tilt as far as 3.5 feet above your head.

EZFX Handle EZ FX Handle: Video Overview and Tutorial