Flatscreen Monitor Mount


Flat screen monitor /TV mount for Jibs and Cranes.

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The Flat screen monitor / TV mount is designed for the EZ Jib. It includes a T Bar bracket that mounts to the Jib and provides a male 5/8″ spigot for mounting. Also included is a tilting VESA mount monitor bracket with a 5-8″ female adapter for mounting to the jib bracket. The VESA hole patterns (both 75 & 100mm) for attaching the bracket is the common standard screw pattern found on the back of most broadcast monitors and even the most econimcal consumer flat screen TVs. The T Bar mount bracket is extended out away from the jib enough to support monitors or TVs up to 19″.   The VESA Monitor Bracket lets you mount to other 5/8″ male spigots too like C stands and light stands.

Flatscreen Mon TV mount

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